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ABSS Committees

2011 Committee Appointments

Nominating Committee

The committee meets once per year to make recommendations for nominations to the Board of Directors. This committee must be appointed each year at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting, which usually takes place in October, and it must be made up of the ABSS Chairman, two members of the current Board of Directors, and one Diplomate who does not serve on the Board.

Committee Members

  • Pierce D. Nunley, M.D.. – Chairman
  • Michael R. Moore, M.D.
  • James B. Reynolds, M.D.

Credentials Committee

The committee reviews and approves all applications for certification. The committee also advises the Executive Director when more information is needed in order to approve an applicant.

Committee Members

  • George W. Wharton, M.D. - Chairman
  • Pierce D. Nunley, M.D
  • Susan Stephens, M.D.
  • William C. Watters, M.D.

Examination Committee

The committee reviews new questions for the Part I – Written Examination and may be called upon to act as examiners during the Part II – Oral Examinations

Committee Members

  • George W. Wharton, M.D.-Chairman
  • Ali Araghi, D.O.
  • Joseph C. Cauthen, M.D.
  • Reginald J. Davis, M.D.
  • Mark Lorenz, M.D.
  • Fernando G. Diaz, M.D.
  • Stephen A. Smith, M.D.
  • James S. Hamada, M.D.
  • John Hsiang, M.D.
  • Richard A. Hynes, M.D.
  • Kamal N. Ibrahim, M.D.
  • Michael E. Janssen, D.O.
  • Donald R. Johnson, M.D.
  • Robert G. Johnson, M.D.
  • Ali Kalamchi, M.D.
  • Steven M. Lehmer, M.D.
  • Mark A. Lorenz, M.D.
  • William K. Main, M.D.
  • James H. Maxwell, M.D.
  • Keith M. Maxwell, M.D.
  • David H. McCord, M.D.
  • Mark F. McDonnell, M.D.
  • Philip G. Perkins, M.D.
  • Madhavan A. Pisharodi, M.D.
  • Charles D. Ray, M.D.
  • R. Charles Ray, M.D.
  • Jose E. Rodriguez Cordova, M.D.
  • Thomas C. Schuler, M.D.
  • Susan Ellen Stephens, M.D.
  • John S. Thalgott, M.D.
  • Cathleen S. Van Buskirk, M.D.
  • William C. Watters III, M.D.
  • Faissal B. Zahrawi, M.D.
  • Michael R. Zindrick, M.D.